5 Places to Get Coffee in San Francisco

San Francisco is definitely not short on coffee shops. There were so many so besides Blue Bottle, which we had heard about before, we stopped by whatever looked good! Luckily it worked out for us and all of the coffee we had was amazing! Something I loved about almost all of the cafes was that they did not use plastic stirrers for you to mix your coffee with - there was a cup of clean spoons and a cup of dirty spoons. We noticed a lot of efforts to eliminate waste in during our trip, which was definitely inspiring!

Blue Bottle

We had heard great things about Blue Bottle and there were so many locations around SF, we knew we’d get to one eventually. We found out that there was one only a few streets over from our Airbnb in Oakland, so we swung by there before going on a day trip to Napa. We got a cappuccino and a New Orleans (their special iced coffee) and both loved it! Nick has been to Oakland a few more times since and he’s been back there. We also stopped at a Blue Bottle in DC when we visited a couple months ago. Totally recommend! 

Sight Glass

We had seen signs on a ton of cafes saying that they served Sight Glass coffee so when we found the Sight Glass cafe, we knew we had to stop! The cafe itself was beautiful! So much natural light and dark, earth tones. The coffee was great, too - we know why so many coffee shops use it! It was also right across the street from Wholesome Cafe, which we wrote about in our Where to Eat post!


We first saw Ritual in a marketplace in downtown Napa and I ordered just a drip coffee from there, but the baristas were so friendly and explained their different drinks to us. We saw another Ritual cafe while we were walking around Haight Street and I know there are some in order areas of SF, as well! 

Cro Cafe

We had rented a car to go to Napa and the next morning, before we returned it, we wanted to find a cafe far enough away from our airbnb that we wouldn’t have gone to it without a car. Cro Cafe was on the other side of Oakland, but an easy drive. It was in a more residential area and parking was super easy to find! It was in a cute little alley and there were so many locals sitting outside, enjoying a cup of coffee before the start of the day. The cafe itself is tiny with not much room to sit (which is probably why everyone just sits outside!), but it was delicious. Nick saw the decorated donuts and had to get one, as well! 

Cavalli Cafe

On our way to Chinatown, we stopped by North Beach, which is SF’s Little Italy. Nick, of course, is obsessed with Italian cafes, and there were plenty around! I let him choose which one and he randomly chose Cavalli Cafe. It was some of the best coffee we’ve had, and the cookies (there were gluten free ones!) were so good. It was perfect for a midday snack. We were so tempted to buy some of their espresso but since we were only traveling with a carry on, we didn’t have room. This was definitely our favorite!

We love finding the best coffee shops everywhere we go! 

- Jess