5 Things to Do in Lancaster

We’ve visited Lancaster several times before, but this time was special, as we were visiting just as tourists! Usually when we go, we’re just there for lunch or to grab coffee with friends, but this time, we were able to spend the whole day there, doing whatever we wanted. We asked all of our friends for recommendations, and our friends Natalie and Mark tagged along, making this a great day trip to Lancaster!

Walk Around Downtown Lancaster

All of Lancaster is so beautiful, but we love going downtown! There are so many gorgeous brick buildings, which makes picture-taking so fun. We were there in early February and it was freezing, but luckily there are cafes and little shops everywhere so we could warm up!

Redeux Vintage Shop

Natalie brought us to Redeux Vintage Shop, which she had heard great things about. It’s actually on the second floor once you go through the doors. There is so much there, and everything is in great condition! There are the coolest clothes, sew on patches from Italy, records, and even succulents in unique planters. We were tempted to buy so much - especially a 1970s sweatshirt from a national park.


We loved FoxDuck! It’s a screenprinting shop that sells shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and even baby onesies all with Lancaster inspired designs on it. We bought a shirt there before, but this time we just got a magnet. Everything is designed and printed in house by their team - we love small businesses!

Lunch at Roburrito  

There are so many great places to eat in Lancaster, but Roburrito is definitely a hidden gem! Natalie and Mark love this place, and we were so excited to try it. Their vegan option, instead of tofu or extra veggies, is actually potatoes. They are diced small and cooked crispy and are so good! We got a chicken roburrito (Nick) and nachos supreme with potatoes (Jess). The best part was all of their hot sauces, which you could put on yourself! There were so many different choices and we tried several. Our favorite was Pearl Harbor - spicy and sweet!

Go on a Coffee Crawl!

Since we only had one day in Lancaster and there are so many amazing coffee shops, we decided to do a coffee crawl! We went to five different cafes and shared lattes and pour overs. This was so fun and the perfect thing to do on a cold day! See our coffee crawl here.

There are so many fun things to do in Lancaster, and so, so many good restaurants. One day definitely is not long enough to explore the area, but it was a great sample of all Lancaster city has to offer. The next day we went to Adamstown, only about 20 minutes away, but a completely different atmosphere! We’ll write about that next time.

- Nick + Jess