6 Places to Get Coffee in Melbourne

When we got to Melbourne, one of the first things we heard was that it’s considered by some as the “coffee capital of the world”. There are so many cafes and they take coffee seriously. We saw so many people using KeepCups or reusable travel mugs when getting “take away” coffee. In fact, some cafes don’t even have disposable cups so your options are to sit in or to bring your own mug. We thought it was funny as we are always getting questions and comments when we bring our KeepCups to cafes, yet in Melbourne, it is just what everyone does!

South of Johnston -

South of Johnston is high on our list of recommendations of where to eat in Melbourne (link) but we also loved the coffee! Nick ordered a “magic”, which is steamed milk over a double ristretto (which is the first half of a shot of espresso, making it more “pure”). We had never heard of it before and it was a bit stronger than a normal cappuccino, but we really liked it! I ordered an almond latte, even though I really don’t like almond milk in coffee, but it was delicious! Honestly one of the best lattes I’ve ever had!

Little Bean Blue -

We walked down to Little Bean Blue, which we chose to go to because of the cute name! Nick had some work to do and I caught up on some reading. The cafe was small but most people were just getting coffee to go. Nick got a cappuccino and I got a soy latte. We liked the atmosphere there, although it was freezing because the door kept opening with all the people coming in!

Duke’s Coffee Roasters -

On our way to explore the CBD, we stopped at Duke’s Coffee Roasters. There are no pictures allowed inside so Nick got scolded when he took out his camera. I snuck a few pictures of our coffee (a cappuccino and soy latte) on my phone, but it was really a shame that we couldn’t take more pictures, because the interior of the cafe is gorgeous - black and gold everything. It was hard to get a seat and many people were just standing at the bar to drink their coffee, so it might have been best to order the coffee to go.

Industry Beans -

Before we returned our rental car, we drove to Industry Beans to grab some coffee and breakfast to go. I ordered an oatmilk latte, which was delicious, and Nick got the Ondas Da Mantiqueira espresso. Nick’s was very fruity - I thought it tasted like blackberries because it had a little tanginess to it. I got a gluten free peanut butter brownie and Nick got a blueberry poppyseed muffin. Both were so good but the brownie was super rich. I could only eat half of it so Nick finished it for me!

Market Lane Coffee -

We heard of Market Lane Coffee so many times because there are several locations across the city! Nick’s cappuccino was super creamy and smooth and it was one of his favorites! They didn’t have dairy free milk, which was surprising because Melbourne is a very vegan-friendly city, so I ordered a long black. It was the first time I ever ordered something like that and honestly, I didn’t love it. It was a little too fruity for me, but if you like that, I’m sure it was very good! The location we went to was very small with only a little seating, but we loved the atmosphere. They were selling so much coffee paraphernalia and we couldn’t help but to think of our friends back home who love making coffee and would love a place like this!

St. Ali -

For our last cafe of the trip, Nick and I chose St. Ali. When we got there, there was a huge line but we actually got seated pretty quickly. Apparently it is a very popular brunch place and to be honest, the menu looked delicious, but we had already eaten. I ordered an oatmilk latte and Nick ordered a mocha, which is one of his go-to orders in America. We both loved our coffee and the look of this open, warehouse style restaurant. We sat in front of this large open window at a community table. I wish we had another day so we could go again for brunch!

Honestly, I don’t think you could go wrong at any cafe in Melbourne. Just remember to bring your reusable mug!

- Jess