Exploring Melbourne

Because of the day trips that we took from Melbourne, we only had about 4 days in the city. We wanted to take advantage of those days and do as many of the attractions as we could! We explored many attractions in the CBD, which we wrote about here.

The first night we were there, even though we were super jetlagged, we went to a free comedy show at Spleen. Because it was free, our hopes weren’t too high, but it was hilarious! We were laughing the entire time. It actually inspired us to go to another comedy show a week later when we were in Sydney.

One thing we heard over and over was to go to St Kilda, a beach town on the southern end of Melbourne. We saved that for the last day, which happened to be the only day it rained! It was cold and wet so we were some of the only people there, which was kind of cool. We had hoped to see penguins at the docks, as they are known to be there, but we only saw a few different types of birds. The famous Luna Park is there (and we found out that there is another one in Sydney!) but we didn’t go in. St. Kilda was pretty touristy and I’m sure on a nicer day, it’s probably much busier.

One of our favorite things to do when we travel is find good food! South Melbourne Market is full of dozens and dozens of vendors. We visited and sampled a bunch of things like a jelly filled donut, a sushi roll (that wasn’t cut!), and chicken satay. We wished we had been able to try more!

Melbourne was such a cool city and super easy to get around! The farthest place was St. Kilda but it’s definitely worth the trip, especially if there’s good weather!

- Nick + Jess

Exploring Melbourne, Australia