Nashville: The Gulch

We planned a spontaneous for-no-reason trip to Nashville with Nick’s sister, Liz, and her boyfriend, Mike. None of us had ever been in Nashville before so we researched a lot and made a list of things to do.

We took an early flight in and when we landed, we headed straight to the Gulch. It is mostly a shopping district with rooftop bars, cute cafes, and stores. Since this was the first time we rented a car for a trip, we were worried about parking, but almost every parking garage there had a free first hour of parking. Because the area is so close together, we took advantage of this by moving our car to a new spot every hour or so.

Our first stop was coffee at Killebrew, which we all agreed was our favorite cafe, and then we window shopped down the street. Eventually we decided to have lunch at Burger Republic. While we were there, we saw all of the awards they’ve received - like top 10 burgers in the US! We were super impressed, and I loved that there were plenty of gluten free and vegetarian options for me.

We visited the Gulch more than just our first morning. We came back our first night to have dinner at UP, which is a bar on top of a hotel. We had such good food, but the view was what sold us on it! Later on in our trip, we stopped at Milk and Honey for dinner, which was one of my favorite meals, and then later for some hot chocolate and dessert.

We found that it wasn’t very busy, although we did visit midweek so we might have just come at a good time. The popular Wings mural is also on this street and if you go up the stairs at the end of the street, there is a city skyline lookout. This was the perfect place to get familiar with Nashville and plan the rest of our trip.

- Jess