Washington DC: Georgetown

We left early in the morning on Easter Monday to make the three and a half hour drive to DC. We live so close but neither of us had ever been, so it was the perfect little vacation. We drove down with some friends from college and met up with more friends from college once we got there! It was such a fun reunion.

After dropping our stuff at our airbnb, we headed straight to Georgetown. All we knew that was there was Georgetown Cupcakes, which we absolutely got. (They were delicious and even had gluten free ones!) Besides the famous cupcakes, Georgetown is such a charming area with cobblestone streets and so many restaurants and cafes right on the water. It was so fun to walk around and take pictures.

This was also our first time using our Keep Cups. We got them for each other as an Easter present. Last year, we were on our honeymoon in Budapest during Easter weekend and missed out on celebrating, so this year felt like our first married Easter. We wanted to get each other something little, and we are always going to coffee shops, so Keep Cups were perfect!

We ended the night at Farmers Fishers Bakers, which was recommended by basically every Where to Eat in DC blog that we looked at. We totally agree with their recommendations! It was delicious, although a little pricey. It was right on the water and we were able to walk around and watch the sunset over the Potomac River.

- Nick + Jess

Washington DC - Georgetown