Melbourne Day Trip: Wilsons Promontory National Park

We were so excited for our trip to Wilsons Prom. There are so many different trails and hikes but we decided on Mount Oberon, which we heard was pretty steep but had the best views. 

To get to the trail, we had to drive through the park for almost an hour, which was awesome! We saw wallabies, kangaroo, emus, and wombats right by the road! And birds! There were so many different kinds of birds that we’ve never seen before. One had a bright red belly and bright blue wings. It was gorgeous! 

The hike itself wasn’t too hard. It was definitely steep and we didn’t talk much as we were going up. It took about an hour to reach the top and then there were stairs - that was pretty hard! But once we got up there, we were all blown away. It was beautiful! Blue, almost teal water and white sand below. We even saw some whales! 

After seeing the beach, we knew we had to go there. So after taking lots of pictures, we headed back down, which was much easier, and found the road that took us to Norman Beach. 

The beach was so cool! The sand felt like that magic sand for kids - you could squeeze it into a ball and it wouldn’t fall apart. It was the softest sand we’ve ever felt! We stood in the water even though it was freezing.

It’ll be hard to beat this day. 

- Nick + Jess