Melbourne Day Trip: Peninsula Hot Springs

Since we were staying in Melbourne for 7 days, our friend Ian suggested renting a car and taking a couple days outside the city. So we did! We rented a car and had to learn how to drive on the left side of the road. It definitely isn’t as hard as it sounds but it was disorienting at times, especially when turning! 

Only a little over an hour away was Peninsula Hot Springs. We had to book tickets in advance, and we sprung for towels and robes, although you can bring your own. 

When we got there, we were immediately reminded of Széchenyi Thermal Baths. There were dozens of different baths, some with jets, and all at different temperatures. There were also hammocks, beds, and little tents filled with pillows and lounge chairs. It was such a relaxing experience! 

Because we went in June (in the middle of their winter), it was off peak season, which meant cheaper tickets, but it also meant it was cold! Once we got started, it wasn’t that bad, and the robes definitely helped! 

We loved all the different baths, especially the hot ones. There was even a reflexology foot bath, where you walked through a shallow stream that had rocks of different textures and sizes at the bottom. It was to put pressure on reflex points of your feet and it apparently had a bunch of different benefits! It was a little painful at times but it was honestly fun! There was also an ice cave that was literally an freezing cold a walk in freezer. We stayed in there probably 20 seconds and when we left, our hair was frozen, but we loved it!

The best experience was the Hilltop Bath, which was all the way up a hill. It had a panoramic view of the fields and forests all around. It was so beautiful!

- Nick + Jess