Our Weekend Trip to Cape May, New Jersey

Our friends Josh and Rachel invited us to join them for a weekend in Cape May. We have always visited Ocean Beach with Nick’s family, so neither of us had ever been to Cape May. When we first heard beach trip, our minds went to laying in the sand, swimming, walking on a boardwalk, etc. This weekend was nothing like that, but we actually loved it!!

The first day we were there was chilly but sunny, so we spent the day walking around West End Garage - which is this huge shopping area with so many different booths, selling everything from honey to clothing to house decor. We also visited Washington Street Mall which was much more touristy. There were a bunch of seafood restaurants and ice cream shops and high end stores. At the end of the evening, we stopped by Sunset Beach. Even though it was pretty cold by then, it was so fun! We walked out on the rocks and watched a fisherman getting his supplies ready.

The rest of the weekend it rained and we stayed happily inside, watching movies, playing games, and working on a puzzle (which we never finished!). We only ventured out for brunch and for a quick bike ride when the rain paused.

Whenever we travel and visit new places, we are always on the go, which we love. We like being busy and getting all we can from the new city. However, this weekend was a totally different type of trip. It was a real vacation - so relaxing and fun! We really enjoyed the lazy days.

- Nick + Jess