Where to Eat in Cape May, New Jersey

When we went to Cape May for a weekend, we let our friends Josh and Rachel take us around since they had been there before. We bought some groceries at the start of our trip so we could save money, although we did spend a lot of money on root beer and vanilla ice cream to make homemade root beer floats. We did go out to eat a few times and when we did, it was delicious!

Key West Tacos

Key West Tacos was the first place our friends took us. They raved about this place, and they were not wrong! There were so many different types of tacos, and I ordered a huge plate of nachos. Everything was so good! We honestly wanted to go back there the next day.

Beach Plum

We spent a long time in The West End Garage and on our way out, we stopped at the Beach Plum Cafe. There were so many pastries there - donuts, bagels, and even gluten free/vegan banana bread! Nick ordered a donut and I got the banana bread. We ordered coffee and sat in their outdoor seating area while we decided what to do for the rest of the day. It was so nice!

Peace Pie

We were walking around Washington Square when I randomly saw Peace Pie. We went to check it out and it was so cool! They are ice cream sandwiches with pie filling inside as well. There were so many crazy kinds! Nick and I had just had treats at the Beach Plum so we didn’t get anything but Rachel and Josh did. I loved how different these were than the regular ice cream cones most places were selling.

Kohr Bros

Nick always, always, always gets Kohr Bros ice cream whenever we go to a beach. Nick got the orange and vanilla swirl, which is what they’re known for. It is a traditional beach day treat.

The Mad Batter

We packed up and were about to start our journey home when we decided to have one last meal here. We googled some places and randomly decided to go to The Mad Batter. I am so glad we did! The food and coffee were so good and it was in a great location!

Yozu Sushi

Our weekend was so rainy that we hardly ever wanted to leave! One night Rachel and I sent the boys out to pick up food from Yozu Sushi. We settled in with our food to watch a movie, and we totally forgot to take any pictures. But we definitely recommend it!

Bella Vida Garden Cafe

On a rainy morning, we ventured out to Bella Vida. There were so many gluten free and vegan options here! They also had this amazing salsa that Josh actually bought a bottle of. So good! We loved the atmosphere of this place and our waiter was so friendly! We took a bunch of pictures but Nick deleted them off his card before he uploaded them. First time he’s ever done that! We’re lucky we are just missing pictures of brunch. It could have been way worse!

- Jess