Melbourne Day Trip: Mount Martha Beach South

We took a day trip to Peninsula Hot Springs, which I’ll write about tomorrow because it was amazing! But on the way to our airbnb, we wanted to stop at a look out. There are so many to choose from, but we decided to stop at Mount Martha Beach South because we knew there was a beach and cliffs and figured that would photograph well.

It only took us about 25 minutes to drive there from the Hot Springs. When we got there, it was about 4:15, less than an hour before sunset. The lighting was beautiful and we ran around the beach, taking pictures and watching all of the dog walkers and kayakers. 

One of the first things we noticed was the colorful bathing boxes. I know that Brighton Beach, which is way on the southern end of Melbourne, is known for their bathing boxes, but they’re all pretty much the same, so we were able to check off taking pictures of those! 

The tide was out so we climbed on a bunch of rocks and seashells (and past a jellyfish washed up on shore) until we made it to the cliff. I was wearing slip on shoes, which made walking on rocks very painful, so I turned back, but the boys climbed more than me to get good pictures. 

We could’ve stayed on the beach for hours but we had a long drive to our airbnb so we left after sunset. There was a little town right by the beach with shops, restaurants, and a grocery store, but we just went to the beach. It’s been so cold our whole time in Australia because it’s winter here, but it was actually fairly warm during our time on the beach! 

The sunset over Port Phillip Bay and the colorful bathing boxes made for the perfect ending to our first day trip.

- Jess